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Collaboration is what makes all my brands possible and 

this is why it’s one of my favourite things to do.


Collaboration is a partnership; a union; the act of producing or making something together. 

Collaboration can take place between two people or many people, strangers or best friends. 

To collaborate is to commit to the possibility of producing an outcome greater

 than one that would be developed in a silo.

Ready Steady Shiiiit! - The Podcast

A real life, real time, visionary business adventure - With two people from completely different worlds, and a very big idea.

Meet Steve, he's just spent 20 years in a very serious corporate job.

then there's Emma, she's never been employed in her life & is so far outside the box, she's even allergic to boxes.

will they pull off The Mindset Revolution Summit 2023??? Listen and see!


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The Original Thinkers Club

The events industry legend Paul Cook and I are bringing a new dimension to the International Speakers Industry.

We are seeking out the brilliant people with the original voices. The game-changers, the change-makers and the conscious creators who are starting conversations.

We are shining a light on the people with the potential to make our world a brighter place. Alongside "The Original Thinkers Club" sits the Original Thinkers Academy.

Not everyone is born a powerful speaker, but we believe anyone can become one!

We bring the tools, training, and techniques to become a master speaker, in all scenarios, from live to virtual and everything in-between.

*Step by Step Training Videos through our online Academy

*Expert Masterclasses

*Live mentoring sessions with Paul Cook and Emma Boardman

When the business rockstar Justine Murphy, from MyMuyBueno was re-locating to London, she invited me to take over her popular ‘Women In Business Mallorca’ group. Saying YES was a very easy decision to make.

Supporting women in Business is a big passion of mine and I love watching women grow as they develop confidence and find their unique shining light. It’s also highly rewarding to share my learnings from 25 years of business adventures.

We have a guest speaker on each month to present a 20 minute talk, we cover all topics from overcoming adversity, business finance, finding your unique voice, scaling up, listening to your intuition, marketing tools and many more.

The guest speaker is followed by an Open Mic round where we invite all our members to stand up and talk confidently and creatively for 1 minute about anything that feels relevant. This is followed by lunch and networking.

We meet on the last Friday of every month at Max Garden Restaurant in Palmanova, Mallorca.

If you’d like to join please send me an email to start the application process.

It all started when I had a vision to create a Pandemic of Joy, I felt called to do something to offset the never-ending doom cycle that is dominating the world today. 

I was meeting many burnt-out corporates and dissolusioned people from all walks of life, who I felt would really  benefit from having access to some of the great thought leaders and original thinkers I´ve discovered in my own self development deep dive since my divorce 4 years ago..

I wondered what would happen if I bought my favourite speakers and uplifting performers together in one place for an epic International Summit here on Mallorca.

I´m excited to say that The Mindset Revolution 2023 is in now in motion!

I’ve found myself an amazing partner in the form of Mr Steve Maxwell, and we´ve boldly decided to share the whole experience of bringing this from vision to reality, through our new podcast READY STEADY SHIIIIT!

And in the words of one of our chosen performers Rozalla,

Everybody´s FREE to feel good…

The Table Club Mallorca

"An indulgent social dining experience with curious conversations in an especially charming location."

Together with my partner I saw an opportunity to create an alternative kind of networking event, one with a focus on bringing new people together from all different worlds, free from the constraints of any traditional demographic.

Fun fact - We won the award for  "Best In-Person Social Platform - Spain" the Travel and Tourism Awards 2023, hosted by LUXlife!

International Childrens Song Writer

I discovered my passion and talent for songwriting when I created the Bambini Lingo brand. These days I'm regularly commissioned to write original songs and nursery rhymes for Felix Fox at Amazon Kids and Major and Melody at Sony Wonder. Writing catchy, relevant and meaningful songs for children is one of my favourite things to do!